Monday, 14 May 2012

Expired Makeup

Today I was sifting though my makeup and nail polish collection and I noticed some products that have been there for a loooong time! This got me thinking about how long products actually last for?

So I did some research and here are the recommended time you should keep makeup once opened...

Liquid Foundation: This lasts about 12 months, after that it may be harboring some unfriendly bacteria that may not agree with your skin!

Powder Foundation and Eye Shadow: These you can use for 2 years after that consider throwing them away :-(

Mascara: 3 months! this is the one that expires the quickest... makes sense, with the wand near your eye you don't want to introduce harmful bacteria and get nasty eye infections.

Lipstick: 1-2 years 

Lipgloss: 18 months another product that has a bacteria loving wand, tube lip glosses may last a bit longer as they are more hygienic.

Concealer: About 18 months, try to always use a brush and not your finger be aware that concealer is used to cover blemishes which may have some bacteria in them to start with and if you dip back into the concealer you could be introducing them to the pot!

Nail Polish: This is a controversial one nail polishes have a little picture on them with a number it that is an indication of their shelf life, this is a requirement by law that this be on here. It is a number (in months) that the product can be safely used by the consumer without harm coming to them. However nail polishes contain chemicals in which bacteria can often not survive which means they should last longer than recommended.

Some tips for keeping your makeup "bug-free".

Wash makeup brushes weekly to stop the growth of bacteria.

Throw out makeup sponges monthly and wash regularly.

Close the lids of products tightly.

Keep products out of the sun.

Sharpen eye liners and lip liners regularly.

Don't use eye makeup if you have an eye infection and if you do throw it out!

If the smell of makeup changes or the colour/ consistency, throw it out!

How do I know how long the makeup has been sitting around before I bought it?
Check out this website which tells you when your product was manufactured and how long it is recommended to last for.

I am not telling you to go out and throw away your precious makeup this is just a post to get your mind thinking and maybe help you decide whether or not to keep using that 2 year old mascara!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

On a mission: Hair

I am a woman on a mission! 
The mission to have healthier, shinier, luscious hair!
Hair I must admit is not my strong point, I'm not amazing at hair styles and I'm terribly slack at getting my hair done/dyed. As you may be aware I am a blonde and blonder hair requires effort! So here I go making an effort to have fabulous hair!

I am not going to go crazy with the dying so I have ridiculous re-growth at the moment and luckily my natural hair colour is a dark blonde so its not the hideous black roots white hair look but its still not great... 
But, my hair is going frizzy and dry and unmanageable at the moment and I have it in my head that I am 'growing it out'. I'm not sure how long I will be able to continue with this craziness but I am determined in an effort to make it healthier I am off the hair dye...

Which brings me to the hydrating and strengthening products I am using at the moment.

About once a week or fortnight I like to smother my hair with Lush Marilyn which is a pre-wash conditioning treatment. It's a gloopy weird smelling creamy formula that you put on your hair before you wash and leave on for about 20 mins (I tend to leave it on a bit longer). The idea of it is to add softness, brightness and shine to blonde hair and i do enjoy the way my hair looks and feels after I use this, people comment on how soft my hair looks. It is supposed to have some sort of lightening effect also but I can't say I have noticed that one at all! 

On the recommendation of a friend of mine I have also recently ventured into the world of Matrix Biolage. I bought the hydratherapie set of shampoo and conditioning balm. Which are a hydrating shampoo and conditioner for dry stressed hair (my hair exactly!). They both smell really nice, not strong and overpowering at all. So far I am loving these beauties which are supposedly based on a Rainforest's ever replenishing moisture cycle, meaning they provide continuous hydration to help stop the dehydration cycle. I will continue using this shampoo and conditioning balm (it really is a thick balm not a cream) for a while as I am happy with the results I am getting out of them.

Once a week I alternate between after shampooing treatment masks. The two I have at the moment are Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Intensive strengthening mask and Redken extreme strength builder plus.
The matrix mask is designed to strengthen weak hair that has been damaged or chemically treated. It also a deep conditioning treatment. Smells great very fresh and natural and seems to help strengthen my hair where it is splitting. I really like this mask and it has become a staple in my routine for a while now.
the Redken mask is designed for quite similar use its a fortifying mask for highly stressed hair, it is a protein mask. Blue cream in colour and smells nice too. It is a really effective strengthening mask and I have noticed less hair breakage whilst using this product. I would definitely recommend this mask to someone with hair prone to dryness and snapping!
Between the two masks I use (it is not necessary to use both I just happen to have both) I prefer the Matrix mask probably only because I have been using it longer I think they are both fantastic strengthening masks.

Lastly a leave in conditioner, I have the KMS color vitality blonde leave in cream, which is just what it says it is a leave in cream that is meant to create a smooth conditioned finish. This is a light lavender coloured cream which I think is meant to enhance blonde (I guess similar to a purple shampoo). I like it for it's detangling powers otherwise I'm not overly fussed on this leave in treatment. I will keep using it and maybe one day I will fall in love!

So this is my mission, so far I am going ok at it although the un-dyed roots are starting to get to me! 

Let me know if you have any suggestions for great hair changing products that might help me!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Post Night Shift Routine

Every six weeks my body is punished by working two weeks of night shift, at the end of these fortnights I like to have a bit of a pamper session to relieve my body of some of the shock that night shift puts it through.

I tend to suffer tummy aches, pimples, headaches and dehydrated skin (attractive I know!), during my night shift rotation and following is what I like to do on the days off I have following night shift to let my body/ skin know that I still care for it!

Firstly (after a looong catch up sleeep) I like to light some candles and have a nice hot bath. My absolute favourite bath products to use are Lush products (I know this is not the best way to store them but they make my bathroom smell wonderful and always seem to work still). I run the bath and choose whichever products takes my fancy that day, last time I used MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt which smells yummy and makes my skin feel super soft, it also turns the bath water a milky pink colour. My favourite lush bath product (you may be able to guess because there are 3 in the bowl above) is the Comforter bubble bar, which smells of sweet berries, makes lots of bubbles and turns the water a pinky purple colour!

While relaxing in my Lush bath I like to put a face mask on to help repair the stress my face is usually suffering from. Depending on the issues at the time will depend on the mask used, if I have quite a few pimples I favour the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I love the smell of this mask, a very fresh minty scent, it's very thick and does tighten my pores, it can be quite drying on the skin though, so I wouldn't use it if my skin is feeling overly dry.

If my skin is just dull and not too 'bumpy' I like to use a sheet mask, I have just used up my last SK-II facial treatment mask, these are really nice they make your skin look radiant for a couple of days after use and seem to plump up your skin. They are crazily expensive $140 AUD for a pack of six, so I am planning on trying out some different sheet masks. Above I have a LAC Taut Collagen Infusion Mask that I received in a Lust Have It box, I haven't tried this one yet but I am looking forward to it as it is marketed to brighten and hydrate your complexion.

When I am feeling particularly decadent I use my Eve Lom cleanser which I purchased a while back when my skin was disastrous and I would have spent anything to try and help it! This is a nice cleanser and the process with the muslin cloth makes me feel like I am giving myself a nice facial. I don't really like the smell and once I use this one up I won't buy another as it is far too expensive.

Once I have soaked for long enough and can be bothered doing anything I like to exfoliate my body. At the moment I have been using Philosophy The Gingerbread Man which is a salt body scrub that smells like ginger and lemon rather than gingerbread, still lovely though. This is one of my favourite scrubs, doesn't leave my skin oily and works well.

I also have a Laura Mercier Scrub in the Creme de Pistache scent. This creamy scrub is packed full of crushed up pistachio shells which gently exfoliate your skin and leave a lovely fragrance to the skin (slightly nutty). I only use this on special occasions though as it was given to me as a present and is a bit too expensive for me to justify buying for myself!

For a cheaper alternative that also works really well I often use exfoliating gloves with regular body wash. These leave the skin soft and well scrubbed, and you can use your favourite scented body wash, leaving you smelling wonderful.

All these masks and treatments... best I do something to my hair as well. I like to restore the moisture to my hair post night shift and these products are three of my favourite! 

Beginning with Lush Marilyn, A hair mask that you put on before shampooing, the instructions say to 'soak' your hair in this gloopy product for 20 mins prior to shampooing and conditioning. I do this and I must say I notice my hair is very hydrated after using this, maybe too moisturised, I would say use sparingly. Not a fan of the smell, but for the benefits I can deal with it.

After shampooing I like to use a hydrating treatment like JOICO K-PAK Intense Hydrator. This leaves my hair nicely hydrated and smells divine. Makes my hair silky soft after conditioning with it, can say I am a big fan of this!

Yummy... Matrix Biolage Intensive Strengthening Masque I use this when my hair is weak and snapping at the ends. It moisturises well and doesn't weigh down my hair. I bought this on a recommendation from one of my friends a couple of years ago and I have been enjoying it ever since.

Now onto the Moisturises... Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. One of my favourite products of all time! I use this on my lips, elbows and any dry patches I may have, I have recommended this to many friends who now couldn't live without it. It's more of a balm then a cream with a strange smell. If you have never tried this product you really should give it a go!

Jurlique Calendula Cream, I love this product when my skin is distressed or dull. Its a beautiful cream that you warm between your hands before you pat onto your skin. It's very calming and soothing, a must have for my sensitive, easily upset skin.

Lastly an oldie but a goodie The Body Shop Body Butter, this one is in cocoa butter and is designed for  very dry skin. I like this one the scent is not too overpowering and it is very moisturising. I have had many different scents of body butter and must say I enjoy the lightness of this one but I can always buy a different scent each time!

Hope this helps any shift workers out there! If you have any suggestions as to how you like to relax and repair I would love to hear them!