Monday, 14 May 2012

Expired Makeup

Today I was sifting though my makeup and nail polish collection and I noticed some products that have been there for a loooong time! This got me thinking about how long products actually last for?

So I did some research and here are the recommended time you should keep makeup once opened...

Liquid Foundation: This lasts about 12 months, after that it may be harboring some unfriendly bacteria that may not agree with your skin!

Powder Foundation and Eye Shadow: These you can use for 2 years after that consider throwing them away :-(

Mascara: 3 months! this is the one that expires the quickest... makes sense, with the wand near your eye you don't want to introduce harmful bacteria and get nasty eye infections.

Lipstick: 1-2 years 

Lipgloss: 18 months another product that has a bacteria loving wand, tube lip glosses may last a bit longer as they are more hygienic.

Concealer: About 18 months, try to always use a brush and not your finger be aware that concealer is used to cover blemishes which may have some bacteria in them to start with and if you dip back into the concealer you could be introducing them to the pot!

Nail Polish: This is a controversial one nail polishes have a little picture on them with a number it that is an indication of their shelf life, this is a requirement by law that this be on here. It is a number (in months) that the product can be safely used by the consumer without harm coming to them. However nail polishes contain chemicals in which bacteria can often not survive which means they should last longer than recommended.

Some tips for keeping your makeup "bug-free".

Wash makeup brushes weekly to stop the growth of bacteria.

Throw out makeup sponges monthly and wash regularly.

Close the lids of products tightly.

Keep products out of the sun.

Sharpen eye liners and lip liners regularly.

Don't use eye makeup if you have an eye infection and if you do throw it out!

If the smell of makeup changes or the colour/ consistency, throw it out!

How do I know how long the makeup has been sitting around before I bought it?
Check out this website which tells you when your product was manufactured and how long it is recommended to last for.

I am not telling you to go out and throw away your precious makeup this is just a post to get your mind thinking and maybe help you decide whether or not to keep using that 2 year old mascara!


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