Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm Back with some products from 'Down Under'

First of all I should start with an explanation as to why I haven't posted for a while (with my sincerest apologies) I have been having a lot of trouble with the internet connection at my house, it has been running very slow and sometimes not at all which has made it too hard to use.
Thankfully it has started working a bit better (fingers crossed it stays this way!) 

Anyways I'm back with a post about products/ brands that are close to my heart, being that  they are mostly Australian made/ owned. I am aware that some of you reading are not from Australia and therefore  the following may not hold much meaning to you and I'm sorry for this however maybe it will inspire you to find and use some products made in your home country.

For as long as I can remember my dad has always encouraged me to buy Australian and support our economy and this makes sense to me however sometimes it is hard to do given that the options are not always available and sometimes it's just so much cheaper to buy things elsewhere. In saying this recently I have been trying to bulk up the amount of products in my collection that are 'Aussie.' I am not saying that I have thrown out everything that is made elsewhere as some of my 'foreign' products I absolutely love and could never part with, but what I have been doing is as products run out and are used up I have been trying to replace them with Australian products. 

I am not going to do a full review on all the products, some are new, some I have been using for years, mostly I just wanted to share with you my new philosophy on my beauty products, and some examples of Australian brands. (sorry about the terrible photos)

Some great skin care brands include; Skinstitut, Jurlique, Rationale and Kosmea. I have recently given my whole skin care a bit of a shake up and have been absolutely loving threeFIX which is a three step skin care line for acne prone skin. To describe it in one word I would choose WOW! My skin is so much smoother and clearer that I feel more comfortable in it.
 I am also keen to try some of the Kora organics by Miranda Kerr line have any of you tried any products from this line?

I am a huge fan of DIY (do it yourself) and I love to save a buck where I can which brings me to a great waxing brand from Oz Waxaway which is owned by Caron Laboratories the brand behind the amazing award winning bump eraiser a superb ingrown hair treatment! There are so many great products out there that make at home waxing so easy and comfortable, my absolute favourite is the precision wax wand which make taming my (and my boys) eyebrows a breeze. I also dye my eyelashes at home too!
Does anyone have any DIY tips and suggestions for me?

Onto some everyday essentials my favourite whitening toothpaste is white glo it tastes yummy and is very foamy. A nightly routine that I have had for years is to rub some cuticle oil into my nails before bed and a staple in my routine is Dr Lewinn's Revitaoil.

Makeup; I am still hunting for some more Australian Makeup brands but I love Nude by nature and Rationale both of which don't irritate my skin and leave it looking fresh.
Next time I am out and about shopping I am probably going to try out some products from Bloom... Any suggestions?

Through my lust have it monthly subscription I have been introduced to a fantastic Australian hair care brand called davroe their products smell fantastic and are so beautiful on my hair, I am in love and can't wait to test out some more products from the range. I currently have an argan oil, heat protectant spray and a detangling spray.

Lastly some awesome body products Sugar Baby suntanned sweeties bronze radiance cream, this I have been using since I was in high school its fantastic to slather on before a night out, it gives you a beautiful bronze glow that washes off in the shower but lasts all night! For something that lasts a bit longer I have recently tried Rationale self tanner which gives a marvellous colour and doesn't have a horrid smell. Another new discovery of mine is Swisse body cream which is a new product on the market and I love it, it smells like oranges and bergamot (a couple of my favourite scents!) it absorbs really well and of course is Australian Made!

Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed my rambling

I am very open to suggestions of brands/ products that are Australian made or Owned


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