Monday, 25 June 2012

Oh La Spoilt!

My very lovely brother and his girlfriend just returned from Europe and me being a lucky baby sister I got well spoilt with presents!

The first thing in the picture is not beauty related but food related, it's an olive oil infused with chilli, rosemary and peppercorns... Yum! Brother tells me it will be divine drizzled over some homemade pizza and I cannot wait to try it! I might just pop down to the supermarket and get some ingredients and dinner for tonight is sorted! He picked up this lovely bottle from Italy. It also looks nice and posh sitting on the kitchen bench.

I am so excited about the next two things! Bioderma Crealine H2O! Yay! i have wanted this for a long time and as luck would have it I just ran out of my Boscia make up break up cleansing oil, so I was in need of a new makeup remover. I have tried this for the last couple of days and so far I love it, love it, love it. It's so easy to just swipe your makeup of with a cotton pad, feels super refreshing and doesn't leave an oily residue, I think I get on better with this than the cleansing oil. It is a micellar solution which combines oil and water molecules which makes for an effective yet gentle makeup remover. It feels lovely and cooling on the skin and doesn't sting my super sensitive eyes, I think I may be converted but I will have to continue using to confirm my love, lucky brother got me a 500ml bottle so it should last a little while.

The last thing I was spoilt with was the Caudalie eau de beaute (beauty elixir). Which I guess is like a spray on toner. I have been using it as a bit of a face refresher/ pick me up/ I feel ill and need something to calm my tummy! For those of you that do not like strong smelling, herbally type things this is not for you. It has strong smells of mint, rosemary and I'm terrible at describing scents! It's smelly and I like it! I  have been on night shift this week and this makes me feel ill and sleepy and I have been enjoying spraying this on my face to wake me up and settle me! I am also a big sufferer of motion sickness so I can see this being well used on long car trips! Oh I should mention that it also feels lovely on the face, tightens pores and revitalizes the complexion. 

So there you have it some wonderful French skincare spoils for me!
Let me know if you have tried these and what you think of them!


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