Saturday, 28 April 2012

April Favourites!

Well I guess seeing as I did an April Finishers post I should probably also do an April Favourites post.
So April is the second month of Autumn and it has been a bit of a doozy weather wise this month from warm sunny days to freezing cold wet days, and I would say it's the latter which has most influenced my favourites this month.

As the weather changes and starts to get colder and colder I find my skin changing and getting drier and more dull so April brings moisturising products and Autumn colours out of my stash.

Jurlique Calendula Cream    This has been amazing to my poor skin which has been getting mighty confused with the weather changing. It's a very rich cream and I cannot use it all year round as it is sometimes a bit much. However for me this is like a comforter, it's super soothing, doesn't break me out  and when my skin is stressed (such as during season/weather changes) it helps with the irritation. Love it! My mum bought me this for my birthday, it's quite expensive lucky she got the big tube!

KOSMEA Skin Clinic certified organic rose hip oil    Fantastic little miracle in a bottle! This is a burnt orange coloured oil, that smells to me quite woody, I don't really like the smell but I can live with it. I put 3-4 drops on my face at night before I go to bed and i find I don't need to put a moisturiser on over the top, this is very moisturising and doesn't make my skin oily at all! It does however turn my skin a slight tinge of orange which is why I use it at night as opposed to during the day. A nice calming/ healing oil.

Colgate Savacol Antiseptic Mouth and Throat Rinse     As I said in a previous post I broke a tooth this month which was highly uncomfortable! I has been using this mouthwash after brushing/ eating as it contains chlorhexidine which is an antiseptic in hopes that it will prevent me getting an infection! I have already been to the dentist twice this month and will have to go twice next month :-( I am typically terrified of the dentist, but hopefully once all is well I will have faced my fear a bit not to mention broken the bank!!! Why are teeth such an expensive thing to maintain???

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in blush, Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie Swatches are the other way around (Lip butter first and lipstick second...WHOOPS!)

I received the Colorburst lipstick in a freebie bag from Priceline this month and have been loving it! It is definitely a colour I would have picked for myself, It is a neutral, mauve, pink kind of my lips but better! The formula is really nice and I think I will continue to love this over Autumn/ Winter.

The Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie has been my favourite so far its very wearable during the day /night with a nice subtle sheen of colour over my lips. I think once the weather starts to warm up I might enjoy the brighter colours a bit more but for now I am loving this berry colour!

These next favourites are not so much the individual items themselves (although I do love all of them) but more the concept/ colour range and it is Bronze/ Brown eyeliners! I find that they really compliment my green/ hazel eyes beautifully and again are a nice colour to wear for Autumn!

From Top; MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy, Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Bronzed, Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow& Eye Liner in Taupe, Savvy By DB Luxury Liner in Brilliant Bronze

Swatches Left to Right: MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy, Savvy by DB in Brilliant Bronze, Wet n Wild Color Icon in Taupe, Wet n Wild Color Icon in Bronzed

Another concept rather than individual items, I find myself drawn to deep plum, berry and mauve blush colours at the moment, I usually am this time of year, these four are generally the first ones I have been grabbing for this month!

e.l.f Studio Blush Berry Merry
Benefit Dallas
e.l.f Studio Blush Mellow Mauve
MAC Prim & Proper (Limited edition from the liberty of London Collection)

Swatches Top to Bottom;
MAC Prim & Proper
Benefit Dallas 
e.l.f Berry Merry
e.l.f Mellow Mauve 

And Last but not Least Barry M nail Paint in Mushroom! I love brown taupe coloured nail polish this time of year and this along with OPI Over the Taupe (which I couldn't find, that usually means my mum has 'borrowed/ stolen' it!) Barry M nail polish in general are lovely and this is one of my top Autumn nail colours!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my April favourites and I would love to hear some of your favourites for Autumn/ April! 


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